Tim Cooper

L Blyth , 27 Mar 2018

Tim Cooper demonstrated a highly professional and friendly approach throughout our dealings, firstly as a buyer while we were looking at houses on the market in September-December 2017 and secondly as our exclusive agent from 11th January through to settlement date of 8th March 2018 . He demonstrated excellent interpersonal communication skills in educating us about the state and mechanics of the market and in listening to and responding to our particular needs. His team approach was very effective, collaborating with Josh as his buyer's assistant while looking after us as sellers, and linking us with his administrative team members to enhance communication throughout the process. My partner and I felt we could trust Tim fully in his communications and leadership in order to guide our decision making about selling price when it was clear the market was so low. We thank him and his team for all his input and follow through, enabling us to move into our new home, providing a good result for both me and for the buyer of my property.